Carey Marks - Photography | Carey Marks - Portrait, Research and Documentary photographer.
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Carey Marks
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Portrait, Research and Documentary photographer.

I have a passionate interest in portraits and photo-journalism: particularly “communities and people in context”.

In May 2018 I was sent on an assignment to the region of Karamoja, in northern Uganda: a small country with a dense population, it relies upon heavily upon farming. Karamoja has experienced extreme civil unrest up until recently.

The assignment was to photograph RHEA Group’s Drought and Flood Mitigation Service (DFMS) project, funded by the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme (IPP), which uses Earth observation data to support Ugandan agriculture. My brief was to photograph the farmers, pastoralists, their livestock and the landscape. Not easy – as in much of photographs in Africa are often forbidden without permission – I was very fortunate to be assigned a driver, a native-speaking Karamojan. Without him – I would have been lost. His explanations enabled cooperation.

In March 2017 I was sent to the Maasai heartlands in Tanzania as part a interdisciplinary research project from Plymouth University studying the effects of soil erosion both on the landscape and cultural impact on the communities there. This project is on-going and I shall return in July 2018.

In June 2018 I shall be sent to the mountains and lakes in Kyrgyzstan. This is a part of our EU-funded global health research programme, conducting a study of implementing pulmonary rehabilitation. This project will enable me to record the teams’ work – and bring to life the huge value of rehabilitation to ordinary people. Publication in mainstream press / scientific environments.

From 2018 into 2019, I shall we involved in another interdisciplinary research project in Chile – with Professor William Blake of Plymouth University.

This study will provide detailed analysis of soil erosion faced by the waterways in South America – due to the effects of climate change.

In Spring of 2015, I was sent by DWR to Jordan as part of a working team commissioned by the UNDP to monitor waste generation in Jordan,  and the effects of this waste on the refugee camps. Specifically in the north of the country near the Syrian border, in Irbid and Mafraq, as the refugee camps have swelled the population significantly.

Immediately following the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 I was commissioned by Disaster Waste Recovery to create a series of urgent safety posters, Using typical Nepalese style illustrations and iconography that locals could understand to help protect them in the safety measures required after this disaster.

I’m also an established Art Director and Graphic Designer, with over twenty years experience in London and the US.

I’ve developed branding for Vivienne Westwood’s “MAN”, designed invitations for her Majesty the Queen. Designed campaigns for Royal Court Theatre, National Theatre, National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery, Channel 4 Sitcom Comedy Festival; English Touring Theatre five UK tours; English Touring Opera, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Art at Wyndhams Theatre; Stones in his Pockets at it’s inaugural show at New Ambassadors. I’ve re-branded The Magic Circle, developed campaigns for London Underground; SCAMP Theatre. Produced “Theatre Cafe Europe” for Company of Angels (UK, Berlin, Oslo, Amsterdam). Art Directed at Tank Magazine.

Pricing structures are competitive and reflect research budgets.

If you you would care to enquire about your project, I’d be delighted to offer ideas and keen pricing to help you develop exciting results.

For all enquiries, please contact Vicky Stewart Agency –

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